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Content Questions: Catcher in the Rye

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences. The numbers in brackets refer to the chapters where you will locate the answers.

  1. Who is telling this story? Would you describe the tone as formal or conversational? How does the literary point of view affect our view of the other characters in the novel?(1/2)
  2. Why is Holden "getting the axe" at Pencey?(1/2)
  3. What criteria does Holden use to assess his favorite authors?(3-6)
  4. Why does Holden call Stradlater a "secret slob"?(3-6)
  5. What did Holden do the night Allie died?(3-6)
  6. Why is Holden wounded by Ackley’s lack of hospitality?(7-11)
  7. After his expulsion from Pencey, Holden meets Mrs. Morrow on the train to New York. Why does Holden take pleasure in telling lies at this time?(7-11)
  8. What finally happens between Holden and the prostitute?(12-14)
  9. Why does Holden give the nuns $10.00?(15/16)
  10. In what way is Holden’s decision not to enter the Museum of Natural History a turning point in the novel? What change in Holden’s attitude does it represent?(15/16)
  11. What does Holden call "the best break I had in years"?(20-23)
  12. Why does Holden go to Mr. Antolini’s house?(24-26)
  13. Why does Holden leave Mr. Antolini’s home?(24-26)
  14. As Holden watches Phoebe reaching for the gold ring on the carousel, how do his thoughts relate to the idea of "the catcher in the rye"?(24-26)

Level C Basic Understanding
Level B Application
Level A Critical Analysis

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