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Weather Descriptions.

Choose adjectives from the list to complete the sentences.

  1. Her hair moved slightly as she walked along the beach. The day was _______________________________.

  2. I wasn’t very comfortable in the cellar. I felt too hot and everything smelled musty, as if things were wet. It was a very ____________ room.

  3. On Friday I ran around the streets in the rain. The rain was pouring down as if in one sheet from the sky. The trees were bending over sideways, hiding their faces from the deluge. I love ___________________ nights!

  4. It is difficult to drive over the bridge early in the morning, especially in the winter, because the air is too _____________.

  5. It took me forever to get home from school today. I missed my bus and had to walk home. It was half raining and half snowing, the ground was slippery and wet and I only had on my running shoes. I tried using an umbrella but it was turned inside out from the wind. My grandmother would have called this a __________________ day.

  6. It was hard to sleep some nights last summer. It was so hot and the air itself felt sticky. It was even a little hard to breathe when I tried to run outside during the day. Really, the only way to be comfortable on ____________________ days is to stay inside with the air conditioner!

Write a paragraph about two of the following descriptive phrases(2 paragraphs):

  1. a dank room;
  2. a misty morning;
  3. a humid night;
  4. a stormy sea.

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