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History of Quebec and Canada:
Unit 3 - Settlement

Completion date: End of day on Monday, November 10, 2003
REMINDER - presentation is important! Assignments that are in poor condition will not receive full credit!
Level C - worth a maximum grade of 70
To achieve a Level C you must complete:

Level B - maximum grade of 85
To get full marks for this Level you must complete:

Level A - maximum grade of 100
In order to receive full marks for Level A you must complete:

Level C assignments

Required tasks:

Your choices - choose 3
  1. Complete the three mini quizzes: settlement quiz, seigneurial system quiz, and economy quiz

  2. In your own words, write a brief biography of Jean Talon, Marguerite Bourgeoys, or someone of your choice from this period.
    Some starting points:
    Marguerite Bourgeoys
    Jean Talon

  3. Create a dictionary for the following words: The dictionary must be written in your own words.
    An illustration and/or sample sentence must be included for each definition.

  4. Create a comic book entry for each of these five topics:
    1. Settlement at Tadoussac, Port-Royal, Quebec, and Montreal
    2. The 2 Intendants (Jean Talon and Gilles Hocquart)
    3. The Seigneurial System
    4. Economic Growth
    5. Population Growth
    If you are creative and turn the comic book into a story and not just a list of events, this can become a Level B assignment. See me first!

  5. Create a timeline poster of the events we learned about in this section. This should be illustrated with drawings or collage for full credit. See me for materials- 10 points.

  6. Create a 10 question quiz on this section of the course.
    A separate answer sheet must be included with the quiz.

Level B Assignments
  1. Take part in the mural project. THIS PROJECT IS WORTH LEVEL C CHOICES AND LEVEL B FOR UNITS 3 and 4.

    Create a 'mural' (approx. 4'x5') about all of Module 2 in a group of 2-3 students. The mural must include images and/or words that represent the following categories:

    Planning sketches must be submitted.

    A written report must accompany the mural, the report could be presented orally, in that case I need to see the notes you made to prepare for the oral report. See me for an outline of the report.I will be asking each member of your group to discuss all of the key elements of the mural, you must show a solid understanding of the categories.

  2. Choose one day from this period in time and create a small newsletter for this date. You should include at least 4 separate articles. There can be obituaries, current events, sports, travel...
    Please keep the sense of history in mind - there probably would not be concert announcements or seat sales on airplanes...:)
    This could also be presented orally instead of in written form. An appointment must be made with me in order to present the assignment if it is not taped.

  3. Write a short play about the seigneurial system. Be sure to include the following elements: Click here to see a sample play.

Level A assignments

Research project. A minimum of 2 sources (books, magazines, Internet sites…) must be used. Please see the proper essay format in order to complete this assignment properly.

Choose one of the following options:

  1. Les Filles du Roi who arrived in Montreal stayed in Point-Sainte-Charles at the ferme Saint-Gabriel. Find out more about Les Filles du Roi, we could even arrange to go visit the farm!. Choose at least two aspects of their lives to discuss in your essay. Compare and contrast their lives as orphans to the lives of the new orphans in Afghanistan today.
    Here are some starting points: .

  2. Read this article Canada Post pays tribute to the 300th anniversary of the signing of the Great Peace Treaty of Montreal and write an essay about the significance of the creation of this stamp.

  3. By the middle of the 17th century, there was a strong desire to convert the Native population of New France to Christianity by some French missionaries. Read this article: Let Justice Flow like a Mighty River. Summarise the article and comment on some of the statements made in the conclusion. Do you agree or disagree with the statements made by the auther, why or why not? Present your summary and opinion in an essay form.

If you do not have access to the Internet but would like to try the Level A activity, please see me!

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