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teens in jail

Teens who commit crimes are minors but the law is changing. Did u ever ask yourself why teens commit crimes. Itís possible it could be family problems or not fitting in school. This can lead to dropping out and then later crime. The idea of putting teens in adult prison is not right. A young kid cannot survive in jail with all these criminals that are way older. I find there is no justice for a young kid to be locked up with older people who will take advantage. Juvenile is enough to handle for a minor. The program called 24/7 is good for all prisoners not just that they can learn but get time out the cell doing something constructive. Prison can simply make someone crazy.

read young offenders:a second chance

School can be frustrating for any student who are different then others. Some students got more money, clothes and friends. If a kid gets abused by her dad that will eventually drive her crazy to a point where she would have no choice but to do something bad. What kind of discipline is hitting your daughter?. Thatís a coward act that men should never in their life do. This child is scared to death. Her dad is also abusive to her mother do you know how that would feel your mom gets beat up by your dad. If I was in that position I would be disgusted with anger. Back when her father was hitting both of them she was just a little girl she couldn't defend her mother. Her mom wouldn't even try to protect her by talking to her so called abusive husband. They both fear him. There was nobody there to tell her right from wrong. Dropping out of school wasn't her fault because its hard concentrating in school after getting beat up everyday by her dad. Her dad deserves to be in jail for abusing women. Jail would teach him a lesson, let him fight men for a change. Being poor was not easy because she felt low compare to people with cash. This girl is going threw a lot where is the justice in sending her to adult prison?