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Enhancing Student Learning Through Layered Curriculum: History 414

Prepared by Patricia Rosen and Dan Saragosti with an MEQ Professional Development Grant 2003/04

Scaffolding is needed to make beautiful buildings

Scaffolding Beautiful Buildings

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last update: September 17, 2004

Introductory Note

Instruction based in Layered Curriculum (Nunley, K) allows for learning to occur on parallel levels within the same learning context: all styles and levels of learners can succeed when working within such a structured program. I will explore the possibilites that are available when students are asked to complete a History 414 unit from a layered curriculum perspective.

Enhancing Learning

Layered Curriculum allows students to: More...

Learning Strategies

"I think I know what it is she wants me to do, I just have no clue how to do it the way she wants it done."
Secondary II student, Weston School, Montreal, Quebec


Modules: Module 1

To begin, we have prepared a sample unit from module 1 of History 414 - the remaining 6 module units will be added in the near future. As will rubrics and more detailed assignment outlines. Layered curriculum can make the information in this module accessible to any student in the school, regardless of their learning styles. Eventually, I hope that courses like this one will provide for more inclusive classrooms, where students with a variety of learning styles and differences can work together.

Final Thoughts

References and Resources

I must say a special thank you to the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction for having created Writing HTML: A Tutorial for Creating Web Pages and providing me with the scaffolding I needed.

Enhancing Student Learning Through Layered Curriculum: History 414
created by Patricia Rosen and Dan Saragosti
Weston School
last modified: September 17, 2004